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We love drawing… we love pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers, pencil shavings, ink, paint and just about anything that makes a mark on paper…. We love (almost as much) computers, design software, tablets and all that jazz… We also love to marry the traditional with the modern so we’re sure we can cover your design, graphic and illustration needs.

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We like to get to know our clients, understand their brief so we can encourage an interplay that sees us sharing materials and also lets the client get to know more about our illustration styles to broaden what they may have initially imagined.

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During the conceptualisation process we research the current market or the visual, stylistic or historical aspects that may inform the brief. We will create a series of initial mood boards, sketches or draft ideas to choose from.

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The processes used in creating your design or illustration will be bespoke. We use techniques from hand drawn illustration, computer graphics to calligraphy. We adapt to what truly works for your project.

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Finished design work is delivered via digital files and where appropriate or necessary may be printed, screen printed or 3D printed. We work closely with high quality printers to ensure best results

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