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Original composition for a short film? An ambient sound scape for an animated logo? Mixing, mastering or remixing your existing material? For music and audio to truly shine and stand out from the crowd it needs to be recorded, edited, mixed and mastered well. Luckily this is something we’re passionate about!

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Whatever your musical or audio needs may be, first of all we take time to get to understand the project brief, if needs be we can work with you to hone, expand or refine your ideas. 

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Once we are clear on the brief we can get to the fun part! If we need to record original source material – we work alongside some of London’s best analog recording studios. If the project is composed from electronic source material we have a huge library of sounds, synthesisers and soundscapes. 

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Whether we are mixing material we have recorded for you or mixing material you have provided us, we are passionate and have the necessary skills, equipment and experience to make it sound its absolute best. 

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Your finished piece can be delivered in any format you desire; analogue or digital. We work alongside vinyl cutters, pressing plants, CD manufacturers, even cassette recorders! Or if you want modern simplicity we could email it to you. 

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